“Spring” (1573), by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

During this workshop, children will enjoy discovering the amazingly imaginative work of the Italian Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Following his footsteps, they will produce their own portraits using vegetables, plants, fruits and experiment with mixed-media : Collage, drawing and painting.

About Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo  (1526 – 1593) was an Italian painter who lived during the Renaissance. He was a court portraitist at the Habsburg court in Vienna, Austria and later, at the court in Prague.

Arcimboldo is best known for his human portraits made up of vegetables, plants, fruits, sea creatures, tree roots and other objects. This specific work of his was greatly admired by his contemporaries. They still fascinate us today

“The Librarian” (1566) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo carefully chose the objects that he assembled to compose the portraits he imagined. He innovated in the sense that these work were both decoration and still life paintings. Not only does his work portray nature and human beings, but also how closely they are related.

One of his paintings called “The Librarian” was a critique of some rich people who, in his time, bought books solely for collection purposes and didn’t read them.

Practical information

Date: Saturday 2nd December 2017

Time: 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Ages: This workshop is recommended for children from 6 to 13 years old.

Location: Atelier du Square, rue François Bonivard 4, 1201 Geneva. Click here to see map.

Fee for one afternoon: CHF 65.- per child, materials and snack included, for the whole week.

Enrollment: Please download the enrollment sheet : Arcimboldo FR Inscription .
Complete it and scan or take a picture of it and return to eurydice@arts-expression.ch. Payments are due on signature of the enrollment sheet

Information: Eurydice Labaki, eurydice@arts-expression.ch, +41 (0) 78 696 12 45