"Nuit étoilée" (1889) par Vincent Van Gogh
“Nuit étoilée” (1889) par Vincent Van Gogh

This fun and straightforward creative painting workshop is built for children who want to try out the expressive naturalist style of one of the finest artists of the 19th century: Vincent Van Gogh.

Children will seek inspiration in the wonderful post-impressionist art, so vibrant with colors and rich textures of his acclaimed work. Following his pictural footsteps, they will produce their very own unique work of art.


A few words on Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

“Autoportrait” (1889) par Vincent Van Gogh

A largely autodidact artist, Van Gogh was a painter of Dutch origin. Nowadays he is renowned as one of the greatest masters of all time. It is also sadly known that he only sold a single painting in his lifetime.

As a young man, he attempted to work as an art merchant, like his brother Theo. But was unsuccessful at the job.

In 1880, he left the Netherlands. After a short stay in Belgium, he moved to France and established himself in Paris, then in Arles from 1888 to 1889 and finally in Auvers-Sur-Oise.

In France, he immersed himself with passion into painting, visited many museums and art galleries and befriended other artists, like Paul Gauguin for instance. Thus, he built-up a large artistic knowledge-base that enriched his own works of art.

A highly gifted painter who suffered chronically from depression and committed suicide at the age of 37, Van Gogh also used painting as a means to express his emotions.

His unique style can be distinguished by the way he applies his paint, using visible brush strokes without mixing the colours, but allowing them to mingle at a distance in the eye of the viewer.

Van Gogh was a very prolific artist who produced over 2000 canvases and drawings. His work evolved continuously throughout his career. Indeed, he was interested in Japanese printing and English engraving. He also reproduced master pieces of old, adding his originality and personal touch to the subject. Moreover, Van Gogh produced series of paintings, such as his 37 autoportraits and the famous “Sunflowers”.

Practical information

Date: Saturday 4 February 2017

Time: 14:30 to 17:00

Ages: This workshop is recommended for children from 6 to 13 years old.

Location: Atelier du Square, rue François Bonivard 4, 1201 Geneva. Click here to see map.

Fee: CHF 55.- per child, materials and snack included, for the 2h30 workshop.

Enrolment : Please download the enrolment sheet here. Complete it and scan or take a picture of it and return to eurydice@arts-expression.ch. Payments are due on signature of the enrolment sheet. Thank you.

Information : Eurydice Labaki, eurydice@arts-expression.ch, +41 (0) 78 696 12 45