Artistic and manual activities are beneficial to children, who find positive stimulation in expressing their creativity, as well as their imagination. Moreover, such activities allow them to develop fine motor movement, dexterity and social skills with their peers.


Concept & Philosophy

“La Mer” par Juliette – 3,5 ans

Curious and creative by nature, children need a safe environment where they can meet and develop their talents and be themselves to grow happily.

The attentive caring and the welcoming attitude of my art and creative classes  provide them with the emotional security and the perfect space where they can bring forth their imagination and gain a better knowledge of themselves and their capacities thanks to creative activities. By being part of the group, they connect and play with their peers.

My workshops offer a semi-structured approach where children have fun creating with a large set of creative materials and crafts, while exercising and developing their fine motor movements and dexterity.

Some of the workshops are dedicated to discovering and exploring with the basics of graphic design and essentials forms in 2D and 3D format. Once the foundations set, the children are invited to use their newly acquired graphic skills to freely produce works of art individually or as a group.