Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper – Saturday 6 June

During this afternoon, children will paint in the style of American painter, Edward Hopper. In 1942 Hopper painted Nighthawks, a night scene in a large city diner. It is a perfect...

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Optical art

Optical art | Saturday 30 May

This afternoon promises to be full of surprises and great fun learning to create optical art, as children drawn and paint visual illusions en peinture. Indeed, they’ll follow the footsteps...

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Romero Britto

Romero Britto | Saturday 20 June

Yet another wonderful and colourful afternoon we’ll spend creating in the style of the Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto. His work is highly recognizable thanks to its amazing positive energy...

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Art Therapy for kids and adults

Sometimes words are not enough to express oneself Art therapists help children and adults visually express and record experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination. They capitalize on their vast knowledge of...

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