Optical art and perspective

Optical art and perspective | February holidays

During these workshops the children have fun experimenting with optical art. They discover and seek inspiration of artists like Victor Vasarely or Bridget Riley, creating optical illusions by means of...

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Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art | Saturday 1 May

Australian Aboriginal art dates back more than 30,000 years. The paintings and rock art in the sacred caves in northern Australia stand witness to the immense expressive qualities of the...

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Hosukai and the art of Japanese print

Hokusai and the art of Japanese print | Saturday 6 March

With the Great Wave of Kanagawa, the most famous print of the Japanese master Hokusai, the children are introduced to engraving as a way to produce images. In doing so,...

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Art & Geometry

Art & Geometry | Saturday 5 June

Artistic geometry is 100% pure fun! During this afternoon, the children learn to use the magic of the compass to have fun creating a superb variety of geometric shapes that they...

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Art Therapy for kids and adults

Sometimes words are not enough to express oneself Art therapists help children and adults visually express and record experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination. They capitalize on their vast knowledge of...

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