School Holidays in October – Children

October school holidays – Children’s workshops

From Monday 24 to Friday 26 October 2016, we’re organising creative and expressive arts workshops for children based on “Fantasy” themes, such as fairies, witches, magicians, ghosts, etc.  Children will...

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In art-therapy, we help people to reconnect and bring forth their inner resources, so that they may heal and move beyond personal difficulties, life’s challenges and how they cope with


Adult’s Workshops

Adults and teenagers will love the heartfelt, open-minded and non-judging atmosphere of Arts & Expression workshops, where we support each person’s creativity and individuality, as well as their personal growth.


Children’s Workshops

Artistic and manual activities are beneficial to children, who find positive stimulation in expressing their creativity, as well as their imagination. Moreover, such activities allow them to develop fine motor movement,

Expressive & Creative Arts

The artistic workshops of Arts & Expression give full priority the creative emergence common to all human beings. We create a non-judgemental, welcoming and kind-spirited environment where everybody feels at ease to express himself freely.

We’re not here to teach participants the technicalities behind the production of works of art. Our work is all about expressive and creative arts. Thus, we accompany adults, adolescents and children in bringing forth their ideas, imagination and creativity. However, we do offer technical support on request.

By stimulating their imagination and their right analog brain, we invite participants to connect to their inner world. Thereafter, they enter a creative phase using artistic media, such as drawing, painting, 2D and 3D collage, clay modeling, mixed crafts, writing and creative movement.

We don’t judge the aesthetics of the work of art produced. Indeed, what truly matters in our approach are the expressive modalities that support individual and group creativity as well as the creative process.