Russian Icons & Mandalas

Russian Icons & Mandalas | Saturday 14 September

For an afternoon of creative fun, the children immerse themselves in the art of Russian Orthodox, Indian and Tibetan iconography. They combine these styles to produce absolutely unique paintings. For...

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Gaudi and Native American Totems

Gaudi & Native American Totems | Saturday 19 October

3D workshop. The children use a variety of materials to build a totem in the spirit of the creations of Antoni Gaudi, the architect at the origin of the Sagrada...

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Aboriginal Art & Pointillism

Aboriginal Art & Pointillism | Saturday 14 November

During this fun workshop the children immerse themselves in two fascinating pictorial cultures that apparently very far from each other, but have their passion for the graphic point as a...

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Art Therapy for kids and adults

Sometimes words are not enough to express oneself Art therapists help children and adults visually express and record experiences, perceptions, feelings and imagination. They capitalize on their vast knowledge of...

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The art of colour with Henri Matisse

The art of colour with Henri Matisse | Saturday 5 October

The children are introduced to the creation of colour and how colour is used in painting to create depth, volume and express feelings and atmospheres. In the process they have...

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The art of shapes with Victor Vasarely

The art of shapes with Victor Vasarely | Saturday 2 November

Using fun geometric figures, children have fun making abstract paintings and using their knowledge of colours in the spirit of Vasarely. For whom : Children from 4 to 6 yo When:...

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The art of composition with Robert Delaunay

The art of composition with Robert Delaunay | Saturday 7 December

For whom : Children from 6 to 13 yo When: Saturday 7 December from 14:00 to 16:00 Fee per afternoon: CHF 49.-, materials and snacks included Enrollment : Click here Where : Atelier du...

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Picasso & Tribal Art

Picasso & Tribal Art | Saturday 14 December

At the dawn of Cubism, Tribal Art was an essential source of inspiration for Pablo Picasso. This workshop invites children seek inspiration in Tribal Art and create paintings in the...

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