Eurydice Labaki-Bacca was born in Cape Town in South Africa.

A multi-talented individual with a soulful love of the arts, she holds a bachelor of science in media engineering, as well as a DA in communication, marketing and e-business. Eurydice has worked at managerial levels within the fields of multimedia and visual communication.

Eurydice’s  highly creative streak, as well as her long-lasting interest for psychology drove her to train in art-therapy from 2013 to 2015.

Since 2014, she’s been working as an art-therapist, as well as teaching art in schools, educational and community-based institutions, associations and private art studios. Being a fun-loving and spontaneous individual, she connects easily with children and teenagers.

The above activities have allowed her to immerse into Montessori Pedagogy and train as a Montessori educator for children from 6 to 12 years old.

Children’s book project

Eurydice’s current art project is all about making her life-long heart’s desire a reality : Writing and illustrating books for children.

Here below is a glimpse of her first story’s illustrations. They were produced with oil paint. The working title for this project is “Little Ghost and the Big Bad Wolf”. It depicts the unexpected encounter of two rather disreputable protagonists. She has 11 other stories waiting in the wings and intends to organise storytelling activities in addition to her art workshops for kids.

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